Cover letter- The Gateway to attract Recruiters

Cover letter- The Gateway to attract Recruiters

Do you think just a copy and paste is enough for cover letter? If yes, I am sure that you yourself are creating roadblocks in getting hired. Cover letter is the gateway to attract hiring manager and automatically makes recruiter to click on your resume.


The way you address the hiring manager will definitely draw the attention. Most of the people are habituated to use “To whom it may concern”, instead research the hiring manager’s name and make it

“It concern’s Mary cline (Example), Hiring Manager from CBL Solutions so that your research will be appreciated. You know how much we will be irritated if our name is misspelled, so make sure that hiring managers name is spelled correctly, (Example Mc cline- not Mac cline).

Stop Copy pasting your Cover letter:

Stop using the same cover letter for each and every company instead make it more personal for each.

Research the person whom you are emailing, study the achievements in their careers and mention in the cover letter. Praise them saying I read your recent article, your career is very much admirable etc, in fact everyone likes the little bit of praise and that may create interest to view your resume. So stop Copy and pasting your Cover Letter.

Make it as short as possible

The person who reads the cover letter will be very busy and I hope you too are. Don’t waste your time and of the person who reads it by writing lengthy Cover letter. So use the words precisely and avoid the unwanted, like there is no need to start the letter with “My Name is.” As everything will be available in your signature, also if you are not a recent graduate, there is no need to mention the school you studied.

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