Brief about Cerebral Technologies

  • Cerebral Technologies enables enterprises to manage their cyber risks through its continuous and contextual risk intelligence product.
  • Cerebral Technologies “DeRisk Center” is an automated and continuous Cyber risk and compliance management SaaS product that proactively identifies weak points in the enterprise IT infrastructure,
    It prioritizes the risks based on the impact so that optimal investments can be made to minimize exposure.
  • It enables, executives to know their organizational risk profile, CISO to have a real time visibility across the infrastructure, and the IT teams to know the root cause and its remediation.
  • Cerebral Technologies empowers enterprises to proactively manage their cyber risks, prioritize remediations, optimize security spending and ensure compliance.
  • Chethan Anand (MS @ UIUC , MBA @ IIM-B) and Sashank Dara (PHD @ IIIT-B ) are the key architects with combined industry experience of 35 + years
  • The major use cases Cerebral Technologies addresses are :

    • Automated & Continuous Risk Management
    • Vendor Risk Assessments
    • Application Assessment
    • Cyber Insurance