Framing an Email Subject line while applying for a Job

Framing an Email Subject line while applying for a Job

For any job,first point of contact between Hiring Manager and the Job seeker is an Email. The subject line of the email can make your application different from others. The subject line basically tells who you are and what do you want. With some simple tips the subject line can be used as a tool to market you.

Here are some tips to frame a job search subject line, which can make your email clicked and makes the readers to spend their time to go through.

Make it as short as possible:

We all know that nowadays mobile recruiting is on trending and mobile doesn’t show as many characters as regular inbox did. In order to fix your subject line in such limited space make it short by avoiding unnecessary words like ‘Hi’ ‘Hello’. Let the subject line speak the point in minimum words.

What should be the first word?

Most of the mails are read in smart phones by hiring managers so we don’t know what part of the subject line they see. So, it is very important to place the most important words in the beginning. You can use the role for which you are applying.

Ex: Tibco developer with 8 years of Experience.

Make it very clear:

Hiring Manager spends very few seconds to scan your email. So they should be able to know who you are and what you are looking for, just through subject line. Make your subject line very clear. Mention your name and the position for which you are applying.

Ex: Job application: Michael Hayden following upon sales force position.

Use the words keywords searchable:

Recruiters may be getting lot of emails and there is a chance to miss your email if keywords are not used. Make sure that the key words like ‘Job application’ or ‘Job Candidate’ are used.

Ex: Job application: Mathew Clarke for Java developer.

Mention your Qualification:

In order to attract the recruiters, mention your relevant qualification after your name in the subject line like MBA, Ph.D etc. Qualification mentioned should be relevant to the position.

Ex: Marketing director- Andrew Smith, MBA.

Use the name of the person referred you:

If you are referred by someone for the position, there is no need to keep it for email body. You can mention their name in the subject itself. It may help to draw the Recruiter’s attention.

Ex: Referred by Steve Smith for UI developer position.

Avoid using Capitalized words:

According to me usage of capitals denotes the written form of yelling. Your job is to make your email easily understandable and not to create anxiety. Avoid using capitals and special characters like exclamations. Use colons or dashes to separate the sentences if needed.

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