Questions that never leaves you in any kind of Interview

Questions that never leaves you in any kind of Interview

We all know that it is not at all possible to predict the questions that you are going to face in your next Interview. But, there are some questions which never leaves you in any kind of Interview and these questions belong to the category of questions which can’t be winged.

Here are few such questions.

Can you say few lines about you?

Very simple to hear, but it is not that simple to answer. Most of the people begin the answer with where they grew up and where they studied.

If your answer is the same, simply interview goes downhill. The intention behind the question is not to know about you but, to know how much you are fit for their requirement.

Instead of allowing the interview going downhill even before warmed up, you can draw the attention of hiring manager by starting the answer with a brief summary about your career.

Describe about your achievements in brief, should be explained in a simple way so that the interviewer can understand. Conclude the answer with your plan of achievements which you are hoping to accomplish in future.

The important point that you have to keep in mind, while answering this tricky question is to make your each word and sentence in the answer should be relevant to the position for which you are interviewed.

What is the reason behind leaving the last Job?

There are many things that hiring manager would like to know through this question, like whether you are fired due to the poor performance or you left the job because you are not adjusted to the working atmosphere and boss or if you left the job few months ago even if you are saying currently working.

You can give any answer to this question except blaming others like colleagues, boss etc., saying they are the reason to leave the job. Try to be truthful and honest as there is a chance of background check to verify your answers.

What is the salary range that you are expecting?

If you are not prepared for this question, there is a chance of negotiation in the range what actually you may get. So you should be ready to answer with a reasonable range. You need to research the market range for the position you are looking for.

What is the salary you are earning in past?

Most of the employers are interested in the salary range you are expecting. But some interviewers may ask your previous earnings in order to fix the current salary range. In such situation you can simply end up the answer with current expectation like “I am looking for $60000 – $700000”.

Why you should be hired by us?

Most of the job seekers think it is enough if you can show that you are qualified for the position. But I say it’s a wrong approach. Employers will get too many profiles of qualified candidates. You should convince the hiring manager that you are not only qualified for the position but you can excel at the job.

You should be ready to explain your skills which drove a project to success in the past.

Is there any area that you wanted to improve?

This is cleverly manipulated form of an old and outdated question “Tell me about your weaknesses?” I am not wondered if you say “I’m a perfectionist”, “I work too hard”. Never try to use such answers as the employer expects a sincere answer here. Instead explain the situations where you faced tough time in the past and explain how your managers helped and encouraged you to switch into right paths.

Mention your approach to overcome the weakness so that employer comes to know you are thoughtful and self aware.

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