software development life cycle importance for an app or software

software development life cycle importance for an app or software

Importance of Software development life cycle:

The huge success or downfall of a software and App depends on its Software development life cycle or SDLC. After publishing an App the support is very essential to make it stand for a long time. The software development life cycle is a great way to ensure that the app meets all the needs of business and customers.

Software development life cycle can be distinguished into five different phases, Research and analysis, design, testing, implementation and support and evolution

Research and Analysis:

The Software development life cycle starts with a collection of information from the customers who use the App. Information like the “current problems faced by the users” and “new requirements to be added” should be gathered. It is crucial to collect as many as facts possible.


Next to research and analysis design occurs, all the requirements or wishlist items should be documented and addressed. The application developer has to create the app layout and a code to create application functionality.


Once the design part is done the app has to undergo unit testing, once the app passes the unit testing it is sent to quality analyst. In the case of unavailability of IT QA, the app has to undergo user acceptance testing, which is nothing but the app is directly tested by the potential end user. All the bugs and functional issues arrived during the testing has to be documented and should be rectified. The entire testing part should be carried out in the non- production environment. No live data should be affected during testing.


From the testing phase, the application is copied to the production environment. Even in the implementation phase the app has to be tested to make sure that it meets all the requirements documented.

Support and evolution:

After the app has been implemented, the support team is required to handle the issues. The support team has to educate the users regarding the functionalities and proper usage of the app. In the case of any bugs the support team has to report an issue, it is the responsibility of the developer to resolve the issues. Before implementing the updates, the app has to be tested additionally.

The SDLC is just a cycle which never ends until the app terminates and which never lets the app to terminate. The SDLC can be the reason for the success of the App and the customer satisfaction.

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