What is Tibco Business connect

What is Tibco Business connect

Tibco business connect allows an optimized business flow, integrated application and a secure communication across all trading partners.

The businesses today are absolutely in need of the real-time business, which helps to link the doings of employers, applications and partners through fast and efficient communication, which also makes information available anytime and anywhere and is always flexible to the changes which optimize the business activities accordingly.

Tibco Business connect is a software which allows Business to Business (B2B) communication. It allows different companies using different internal systems to establish a secure transaction.

Tibco Business connect is integrated with Tibco Business works platform.

For the easy configuration of server settings, hosts, business partners, security settings and business protocols it uses a web based administration tool called Tibco Administrator.

Using Tibco designer Internal applications that communicates to the Business connect server can be created easily. Business partners can exchange documents with reliable security capabilities, and non-repudiation support using Tibco Business connect.

Non repudiation refers to a proof of the existence of a certain transaction. Transactions are recorded with digital signature and time stamp which proves that the transaction has taken place. All transaction records are saved to the database, and one can use a third party application to connect to Business connect.

BusinessConnect supports popular B2B protocols such as RosettaNet, chemXML, UCCnet, ebXML, cXML, xCBL, EDI, and EDI – HIPAA. Upon installation, BusinessConnect is bundled

With the EZComm protocol. It supports transports such as HTTP(S), FTP(S), SMTP, FILE, AS1 and AS2. It also supports data formats like XML, MIME, S/MIME,SOAP and EDI, as well as multiple security standards, such as PKCS and Java Keystore. Business protocol is a standard used by the Business Connect server for the communication of trading partners. In Business Connect, Operation editor allows to configure the selected protocol.

Business Connect is a perfect tool for B2B communication that supports numerous protocols and is easy to configure. It is a reliable tool to integrate with trading partners.

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