Microsoft Azure is the company's answer to enterprise cloud services. Hundreds of cloud services are available on the Azure platform, which can be purchased as standalone products, integrated components, or end-to-end pipelines. This As A Service concept eliminates the need for companies to invest in and operate costly IT infrastructure

Virtual machines, AI and machine learning services, virtual network infrastructure, blockchain services, container instances, databases, DevOps pipelines, IoT infrastructure, user and group identity services, developer tools, and storage solutions, among other things, are all part of the product line.

Azure’s suite is constantly expanding, with cloud quickly becoming the go-to strategy for innovation in business IT services. With easy to use interfaces, numerous pricing models, and a top of the line service catalogue, it can be a simpler, more cost effective way to implement IT infrastructure. Security and compliance tools are state of the art and with a multi-layered security approach, you can feel safe that the underlying hardware and firmware are protected while you take advantage of Azure’s services to secure your applications and data.

Designed With Integrated Modularity In Mind

In 2008, Microsoft released the Azure product line as a cloud platform with numerous interconnected services for developing and deploying.NET applications (a Windows programming language specific). It has evolved into a lot larger and more complete platform than the original teams could have envisaged.

Each service is designed to be a pluggable component that can connect to other Azure services as well as external cloud or on-premise systems (in some cases). This extremely modular design, along with a software interface for building IT infrastructure rather than acquiring and configuring hardware, makes it the ideal modern solution for building end-to-end company IT solutions.

Why Choose Azure?

If you're wondering why you should use Azure for cloud services, have a look at our complete list of their clients below! Azure is trusted by major corporations for a variety of applications. Microsoft Azure's service portfolio is rapidly expanding. Businesses have increasingly resorted to cloud services to handle their vast IT needs, spurred driven by digital transformation.

Microsoft Azure is a natural evolution in a familiar environment for enterprises that already use Microsoft 365 and/or Active Directory. Azure's intrinsic bundling and modularity extends to other Microsoft products, making it a compelling market proposition. Partner organisations also help businesses build out their ideal Azure stack as well as set up management systems to assure cost-effectiveness, compliance, and world-class IT services for their end users.