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24th August 2018

Mark E. Krebs, President - Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering

“The ThinkSource team consistently provides professional and cost effective technology support for our firm. They are experts in technology and understand the needs of demanding business environments. It is apparent they truly care about their clients and will take the necessary steps to ensure any and all issues are properly resolved. In short, they continually surpass our expectations and are a key aspect of our success.”

28th August 2018

Elizabeth A., Office Manager - Zadro Products Incorporated

“There is a saying common in business classes: if your're doing business the same way you were a year ago, your're outdated. ThinkSource has been critical in bringing our environment up to date and keep us sailing on smooth seas. As a company rooted in innovation, we have been able to utilize modern tools like cloud computing, without fear of stormy weather! IThinkSource is a reliable resouce, applying expertise and experieince, helping navigate a dynamic globlal business environment and providing us room to grow and develop."

1st September 2018

Krista LaRocchia, Administration & Human Resources Manager – Kevin Murphy

“We have experienced a more reliable network with seamless upgrades to our systems. With a focus on superior customer service, they are honest, help us to stay on budget, while still suggesting the technology that would work best for our business. Hiring ThinkSource was right for our business and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a technology partner who is reliable, understands their customers, and is current with all the latest technology.”

12th September 2018

Winning the Business in Calgary Leaders Award

As Staffing Industry Analysts reported, last year “companies processed $82.4 billion U.S. dollars (USD) in spend associated with the human cloud on a global basis.” Today’s business environment is defined by the fluidity of globalization. In a short span of time, technology has eroded many of the barriers -- physical and social -- that have separated people throughout the ages. We’ve entered a new era of work where our tools, processes and people function in “the cloud.” Rigid structures and the constraints of brick-and-mortar spaces are giving way to elastic operations that allow business leaders to make real-time adjustments in the workforce.