TIBCO Software Inc. helps people make faster, smarter decisions by unlocking the power of real-time data. Our Connected Intelligence technology integrates any application or data source in real time and at scale, intelligently unifies data for increased access, trust, and control, and correctly predicts outcomes. Learn how TIBCO makes it possible for our customers to solve their most pressing business problems. In 1997, TIBCO Software Inc. was created. The groundbreaking software developed by TIBCO enabled real-time communication between financial markets without the need for human interaction. TIBCO has changed over time, allowing our organisation to stay current with the newest technology breakthroughs in our area while also increasing income and assets. Vista Equity Partners bought TIBCO in 2014 and supported in business ventures. Since the acquisition, TIBCO has grown and prospered, acquiring and integrating a slew of new technological platforms and enterprises, as well as doubling down on its philanthropic initiatives.

Down To The Last Bits And Bytes

Through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, TIBCO supports digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions. TIBCO connects everything, from APIs and enterprise / software-as-a-service apps to devices and people, gathering data in real time, wherever it is, and increasing your company' intelligence through analytical insights. TIBCO is trusted by thousands of customers all over the world to create captivating experiences, excite operations, and drive innovation.

Why Choose Tibco?

With TIBCO, digital leaders can successfully complete their digital transformation and unleash the power of their data in new ways.

Customers are at the centre of digital leaders' strategy and process design, and every part of their company model is aligned with their customers' expectations, preferences, and possibilities. They develop long-term and sustainable loyalty through establishing trust, delivering better value, and establishing long-term and sustainable loyalty.

Digital leaders can optimise every step along their value chain by using data-driven insights and decision-making. Operating expenses are better handled with streamlined decision-making and more efficient alternatives, and return on capital investment improves as a result of better informed decisions.

Outside of traditional bounds, some of the most impactful innovations of the last decade emerged. Digital leaders are redefining market segments, embracing new business models, and innovating quickly by using data-driven insights and tactics. Connecting everything, integrating data, and anticipating the future makes it easier to seize new chances for growth and success.